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IMPORTANT: These tips are only guidelines, we do encourage to have your custom motocross graphics fitted by us, however if you have any concerns or worries, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and share some tips. If you make a mistake fitting your graphics, we are not liable for them. Always clean all plastics/surfaces new or used with a clean clean cotton with preferably prep sol or methylated spirits to remove all residues.

First of all make sure your hands are clean and oil free. At Holeshot Graphics we like to fit our graphics to plastics that are off the bike, which always you to come at many different angle when applying, however fitted the graphics whilst on the bike stops them from moving around the table, find what works best for you! Make sure you are in a warm environment before applying as this makes applying the graphics slightly easier.


We like to use the hinge method, peeling off the entire paper backing allowing to cut a 10mm slit horizontally to the piece your wanting to apply. This allows you to work with two halves of the decal instead of trying to apply the whole decal at once. Using your thumb as a pressure point, press the middle of your graphics down firmly and run your thumb along the exposed part of the sticker. Once you have the middle stuck down, you can now work on halve of the working towards the edge. Using your thumb, run back and forth slowly pressing down on the sticker proceeding along the plastic. This is where you need to be patient, going too quick may cause bubbles.  Continue to make your way along the guard, make sure all bolt holes and edges are lining up as you proceed. If you were to make a error in application lift your graphics back up in small areas without destroying them, you need to grab the edge and lift quickly with force, this allows the graphics to snap away from the guard to keep the glue of decal intact, as peeling the decal back slowly may cause the glue to separate from the decal. Applying the decal with a little heat will help prevent mistakes, but please be careful as overheating with sometimes cause damage to the decal. If you are uncomfortable with this step, please stop and contact us to get your graphics fitted professionally.

We used only but the best templates but sometimes they may be a little bit out due to stretching on the decal, so a Stanley knife is sometimes required to trim away any edges that are over hanging, doing so will help stop the graphics from lifting on the edges. Once your decals are on, it is now to post heat your applied decals. Small amount of heat on any creases or edges on all edges will create a stronger bond to the plastics resulting in long lasting graphics, 10-15 seconds is plenty! We recommend allowing 48 hours before washing or riding you bike, this allows the graphics to bonds to the plastic.

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